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Celebrating the Full Moon Party Thailand

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

This party is cray cray and goes on forever. Stamina is the name of this game.

Moon parties in Thailand exist throughout the year. Strategize, fasten your seatbelt, and let the night take you away.

A Bit of the Past

For many moons, the paradise islands of Thailand were only visited by Thai Kings. Not until the 1980s, were the beautiful islands discovered by tourists. As backpackers came through looking for adventure, a small hippie community on the island of Koh Phangnan began to emerge. The full moon parties are rumored to have started when these nomadic bohemians spent their nights celebrating life and drinking on the beach under the illumiscent sky. The word got out and people from around the world migrated to the island to take part in these glorious spectacles.

Dancing Under the Full Moon

The official Full Moon party on Koh Phangan island is found on is found on the infamous Haad Rin beach. Tickets are about 100TBH or 3USD. The party attracts thousands and reaches all along the shore of the beach. Pre party activities begin in the early morning and the party goes until, frankly, you run out of gas and call it a night.

There is no end time to the Full Moon party. For many people, the goal is to see the sunrise, a moment that cements that you did it!- conquered the Full Moon party. Dancing and watching the sunrise is the aspect that draws most to the Full Moon party. It is such a feat to make it to sunrise, that your fellow travelers will question whether you did it ‘right.’

Did you know about the Quarter and Half Moon Parties?

Due to the success of the Full Moon party, the experience has extended to other moon celebrations- the Quarter Moon and the Half Moon parties. The Quarter Moon and the Half Moon parties are more rave-like compared to the Full Moon. They attract DJ’s from around the world who spin at remote venues that are specifically designed to host these memorable parties.


Where to sleep

Most moon party goers especially Full Moon party goers reported more success in finding lodging off the island and then boating in when ready to join the party. Lodging also fills up the week before and after the Full Moon party so make reservations early.

What to Wear

All sorts of wardrobe items are sold at the Full Moon party. Other activities include body painting with glow in the dark paint. All party essentials such as clothing, accessories, and items of celebration are sold by street vendors.

What to Bring

Traveling light is another word of advice in the party world. Take a fanny pack or have reliable pockets that will hold your necessary items such as a phone and wallet and be on your way. Make sure you take pictures, but not too many. Read our Article: Phone down, eyes up: when to put your phone away while traveling. This place has no parking for your pack mule.

How to consume

As you already know, drinks, for most, are a vital part of any party experience. Drinks are sold in large sand castle buckets the size of 2.5 liters. Drinks are hiked up on site so pre-gaming is a strategy most party goers use in general. Also the buckets of god-knows what are only about 300 TBH or 11 USD. So a cost-benefit analysis could tell you that’s not bad. So in short, be smart and educated about the party to have the most fun at the party.

When to go

Another tip is go late. The later you go will theoretically ensure the lightweights and creepy crawlers preying on tourist meat will have gone home leaving the more dedicated and safer crowd. Don’t forget to designate an area you and your group can stick to or meet at to avoid drastic separation events. Read when attends events like the full moon and other music festivals.

In the end

Be forever bonded with a Full Moon party community that only people who have experienced it belong to. Be mindful will allow you to have the most fun and remember- stamina is the name of the game ;). If you crave another Thailand specific party, check out Songkran- The Thai New Year Water Celebration, which boasts the largest water-fight in the world.

Is a moon party top of your list for your teaching and traveling experience in Thailand?


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