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J2 Teach Abroad is a program designed to prepare aspiring teachers for the experience of a lifetime


As a teacher who has lived and taught abroad, I absolutely loved every minute of it. I came across teaching abroad after my post-graduate months. A friend recommended it and I put down a deposit to teach abroad in Thailand. I didn’t regret it. The whole experience was transformative––I traveled a beautiful country, met and truly connected with amazing people, and taught valuable English skills to children who needed it. After returning, I realized that I had done something truly special. I wanted to share this opportunity and help others discover what I was able to experience. And when I discovered many people didn’t know about the opportunity to teach abroad, I knew I had to start Journey to Teach Abroad.

I soon realized the process of getting started was extremely unclear. And like many, I had so many unanswered questions and was given minimal guidance. At J2 Teach Abroad, we simplify the entire process––from preparation to job placement–– and turn your stress into excitement. Nothing about this experience should be scary, and I never want anyone to feel the uncertainty that I had felt.


- Adam Gootnick, Founder

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