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"Teaching abroad has been a life changing experience. The experience has been challenging, entertaining, hilarious, and mind opening. By learning about other cultures you end up learning more about yourself in the best ways possible. It allows you to grow and mature in ways you never thought of."

- Jonny L. 

"Somehow a year has passed and my time here in Thailand is over. Being Teacher Tali has been the most rewarding experience. The students here are some of the brightest, funniest, most talented and dedicated children I have ever known. And they have all made an enormous impact on my life. There is something truly special about the people of Thailand and I will miss them all dearly."

- Talia S.

"I am so glad I gathered the courage to teach abroad in Thailand. Everyday felt like an exotic adventure zipping around on the motorbike and eating cheap, delicious street food. If you can immerse in this experience with enthusiasm, an open mind and a lot of flexibility, it will likely be one of your fondest phases to look back and build upon."

- Jared G.

"Teaching abroad has completely changed the way I look at life. I am now someone who is optimistic, spontaneous, adventurous, and passionate. I start every day on a positive note, plan weekend trips the day before, eat foods. I would never have tried at home, and I have a job that doesn’t even feel like work because I enjoy it that much."

- Claire N.
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"When I stepped on my plane to Bangkok, I couldn't have imagined the hospitable people I would meet, stunning beaches and jungles I would see, delicious curries & noodle bowls I would eat, and life changing perspective I would gain. Being a teacher has equipped me for my service in the Peace Corps and catalyzed my personal and professional growth."

- Megan M.

"There are challenges in and out of the classroom. These challenges teach you to be flexible, adaptable and how to take charge and be in command of a room. These skills aren’t just important in the classroom, they’re invaluable beyond. Teach ESL, go abroad, try it out; it could change your life."

- Madeline T
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"A year ago I would have never pictured myself as a teacher. However, after teaching and living in Thailand, I have learned to step well beyond my comfort zone and enjoy every minute of what life hands me. I have had many challenging and interesting, but all exciting memories here. But the most rewarding times, come from being a teacher and seeing your students grow each day."

- Brianna D.

"I was a terribly shy and reserved person before going on this adventure, and the most terrifying thing to me was teaching in front of a classroom. Then there comes a time when you realize that you have to go outside of your comfort zone because that is when you will grow the most as a person. It was really a life-changing experience."

- Tyler A.

"Living, teaching and exploring Thailand was only a dream I had when I watched House Hunters or played on the Florida beaches as a kid, yet here I am 365 days into it. Each moment I’ve encountered has gifted me observation and understanding of new cultures and normalcies in the world as it is, without any filters or strings attached."

- Charlotte D.

"The foundation of Thai culture is heavily influenced by generosity––whether they’re gift-giving or helping others out. Not only were passerbys kind and approachable, they genuinely wanted to practice their English. I quickly recognized how harmonious her community was and immediately felt at ease in a place that once seemed so far from home."

- Heather C.
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