Discover Heather's Story

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

She went diving, attended a music festival, and stumbled upon incredible towns that were too under the radar for Trip Advisor or Travel + Leisure.

Before Thailand

Heather did not always know about teaching English abroad, nor was it part of her post-graduate plan. She was committed to a career in medicine and planned on enrolling in a Physicians Assistant program immediately after graduating.

It was during her Semester abroad when she was introduced to the idea of Teaching English as a Foreign Language. She had the privilege to travel across several countries, and she met many TEFL teachers along the way.

The idea of being a teacher instead of a student intrigued her. And while she had the freedom to travel now, she knew she wouldn’t after enrolling in med school.

That’s why when Heather learned several of her friends were moving to Thailand to teach abroad, she decided to join them and take advantage of an opportunity that would be difficult to pursue after starting her career.

It wasn’t long after when Heather found a TEFL certification course that connected her with a Thai teaching agency (J2 Thailand's programs). T

he agency helped her settle in her new school town and even handled finding her an apartment. And just like that, Heather would be spending the next 5 months in residing in a studio apartment near her school.

If you have doubts about moving abroad,