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Teaching English Abroad During the COVID- 19 Pandemic- How?

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

We understand that future teachers may have concerns about their safety and well-being due to COVID-19. We want to assure you that we're dedicated to supporting all of you throughout this time by answering your questions honestly and keeping you informed. 

COVID- 19 in Thailand. What is happening?

As of mid-July, Thailand has recorded fewer than 3,240 cases and 58 deaths. There have been no local transmissions for about seven weeks. Thailand's neighboring countries- Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar- also have very low cases and deaths as compared to countries worldwide. Why? Scientists have theories, but nothing confidently concrete as of yet. Scientists are studying the immune systems of SouthEast Asian natives to explore the phenomenon.


What about our Visa situation?

We are monitoring international regulation closely. At this time, Thai embassies are not granting non-b visas to foreigners- visas required to teach abroad. Our partnered agencies are confident that in the next few months, embassies will lower restrictions. 

What programs are open?

J2 Thailand November- Due to the delay in Thai school dates, we've moved our October course to November. At this time, we're accepting applications.

*Update- This program is CLOSED

Job Placement Only- We provide guaranteed job placement year-round with our trusted employment agencies in Thailand. 


What should we do?

Please monitor the situation by reading well-sourced articles: Ex. New York Times- "Noone Knows What Thailand is Doing Right, but So Far, It's Working"


About Journey to Teach Abroad:

Become a global citizen and discover life TEACHING ABROAD. Journey to Teach Abroad is a teacher training TEFL certification course in Los Angeles that GUARANTEES a teaching job abroad. They also offer Job Placements to amazing schools in Thailand and SouthEast Asia for those who are ready to go

If you have questions: please email

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