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VIPKID Demo Breakdown, How To Prepare, and Best Practices

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Hi future online teachers!

The Covid-19 virus has brought a lot of uncertainty. This is an opportunity for right now, to get paid to work from home.

My name is Adam. I’m a teacher and top recruiter for VIPKID, the world’s biggest online teaching company.

To get started use my link:

In exchange, I'll be 100% available to you throughout your hiring process to support you and answer all of your questions.

For the entire Hiring Process Breakdown go to : VIPKID Online Teaching Hiring Process and Best Advice

Once you completed the Basic Information stage, you will move onto the Demo. You'll have 3 choices:

1. Recorded Demo

2. Live Demo

3. Smart Express Demo

I highly recommend to choose #1 Recorded Demo. Let me show you how to best conquer it!

They don’t expect you to be perfect at all, just show that you prepared a little before going into it.

Also, before jumping into it. I want to let you know that VIPKID observes accents as well. Please be clear!

You will be observed based on these things:

1) Setup

  1. Technology- Headset & Internet

  2. Background- add decorations (world map, educational wallpaper, teacher 'your name' poster, reward system outline) (DOWNLOAD BACKGROUND PRINTOUTS)

  3. Positioning- raise laptop to camera eye level

  4. Lighting- equal lighting distribution on your face- use a lamp or even flashlight positioned directly behind your camera.

2) Props- need 3! Find some in your home. A few examples:

  • Flash Cards ($1 store)

  • Ball

  • Cutouts - animals, faces, letters

  • Iphone Images (what better prop is the iphone- use google images)

  • Dry erase board

3) Reward System

  • On every slide, reward your student for their work by giving them a sticker. You can be creative and use other unique reward systems like shooting a ball in a small hoop.

  • Explain the reward system at the beginning on the “reward slide”- Explain to your student by saying: “If you do a good job (thumbs up), you will get a sticker (show sticker to the screen)!”

  • Give 1 reward upon completing each slide

*On the Background Printouts, you can tape the reward system page on the wall and stick a sticker on each circle.

4) At the beginning of your lesson, upon meeting your student, ask 1 rapport-building questions. Examples:

  • What is your name?

5) Gestures (TPR)

  • Repeat the keyword in isolation slowly in syllables

  • Tap lip when you are speaking, then proceed to cup your ear indicating it’s the student’s turn to repeat (don’t do them together)

  • When student’s correct, high 5 the screen, put your thumbs up, or clap your hands

More Information

  • 1 minute per slide = 5 total minutes

  • You are teaching a student with 0 English skills, as basic as you can get.

To get more comfortable, please go to youtube and look up VIPKID recorded demos. There are many videos to help you with your interview!


Adam :)


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