Phone Down, Eyes Up: When you should put your phone down and embrace the moment while traveling

I haven’t lived THAT many years on this planet, but in my time thus far I’ve yet to meet someone who, when prompted, hasn’t exclaimed “Yes!” With enthusiasm when asked if they like to travel.

Whether it’s a two week anniversary trip with your SO or a yearly birthday adventure, people like to explore new places, learn new cultures, try new foods, and then share it all with their family and friends. But when is posting on the IG story too much?

Here are 8 times you should be looking UP and not DOWN:

Strolling a busy, open air Market

Whether it’s a farmers’ market in Santa Monica or a night market in Ayuthaya, Thailand, your eyes are going to be focused on the fresh fruit or piles of candy and not on the hoards of people around you who could easily grab your phone right out of your hand. Unfortunately this can especially be the case when you look like a tourist-when you’re distracted and not a local you’re an easier target. Best to just keep the phone in your bag, zipped up tight.


Yes I know that view is just UH-MAH-ZING but take it from the girl who fell face first down a mountain while wearing proper hik