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J2's Thailand Internship is a once in a life time opportunity to teach abroad in the #1 rated expat city in the world- Pai, Thailand. It is a paradise location for young explorers. Over the course of 8 weeks, you will teach English and assist in extra-curricular activities at the Kwah Dao Youth Centre. Enjoy the simplicity of Thailand life and feel so ever comfortable living and teaching in the land of smiles. 


Current Availability
Program Cost


Reservation Deposit
$25 (applied to first payment)
Final Payment
Kwah Dao YC is registered as an official American NGO
Get trained in 2 two hour in-person or video sessions with a J2 Trainer. 
Receive a 60 Page Digital J2 TEFL Teaching Manual
Program Type
8 Weeks (June 21-August 11)
Living costs
Rent: $150
Location & Age
Pai, Thailand & Customize
Teaching Subject
Referal Program
Bring a friend and get $25 off your total and $25 off theirs


Be a citizen of the world and discover life teaching abroad!

J2 Teach Abroad offers an interactive curriculum that will prepare you for life in the classroom and in Thailand. For one weekend, we meet on-site in a classroom located on the westside of Los Angeles from 9 a.m.–4 p.m., with a maximum of 10 students per class. The entire course is a simulated environment, learning concepts and utilizing them in class activities. This course is led by instructors who have already taught English abroad, you will listen to their stories, learn from them, and be confident for any situation in the classroom. 


We kick-off the course with a section dedicated to cultural immersion with a focus on adjusting to life in Thailand. There will also be a language component with a class visit from a native Thai speaker. 

Topics covered in course:

Your role as a teacher, lesson planning, classroom management, teaching materials and resources, time management, Thailand culture, more!

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Be a citizen of the world and discover life teaching abroad!

What is Kwah Dao?

The Kwah Dao Youth Centre in Pai, Thailand provides English classes and a range of extra-curricular activities to approximately 60 children aged 4-16 years old. All of the children who attend are from underprivileged backgrounds, and many of the students are from Burmese, migrant families who face the constant challenges of statelessness.


Your Responsibilities

You will teach English and assist in extra-curricular activities at the Kwah Dao Youth Centre.


You will prepare and teach English lessons to students of a range of ages and skill levels in line with a set and prepared curriculum. We match you with your preferred age where possible to accommodate for the most fun and engaging classrooms. The number of classes taught will vary depending on how many other tasks the you have been assigned at that time. You will support individual reading activities, lead adult classes, or run extra classes for smaller groups of students who are struggling in their regular classes.


You will help out with the general day-to-day tasks, including setting up in the morning, supervising the children, general cleaning duties, and administrative aid depending on their skill set. All of the tasks assigned to the volunteers will be fully supported by an English Coordinator who will always be available for information and guidance.

You will also work with adults in the community providing weekly English classes, all of which support the learning and development of local, underprivileged communities. You will be required to use their own creative thinking to assist in different arts and crafts activities that encourage the student’s creativity, initiative, team work skills and critical thinking skills.


Generally you will have 6 hours in class teaching time and 9 hour outside of the classroom to prepare and assist in various ways around the youth center.


At Kwah Dao, you can make a noticeable difference, everyday, to the lives of underprivileged communities.

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