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VIPKID Online Teaching Hiring Process and Best Advice

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Hi future online teachers!

The Covid-19 virus has brought a lot of uncertainty. This is an opportunity for right now, to get paid to work from home.

My name is Adam. I’m a teacher and top recruiter for VIPKID, the world’s biggest online teaching company.

If you are reading this, that means you’re interested and probably ready to teach online. It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as you have a bachelor’s degree and are eligible to work in the US or Canada.

I’ll proceed to talk to you like you are going to teach for VIPKID and I’m preparing you to do so, something I do best!

So, the company is called VIPKID. It is an online teaching company. It's rated #1 on glassdoor for remote jobs and has 65,000 working online teachers.

It is a silicone valley company with an investment far above 800 million and has a company valuation of 3 billion dollars! WHAT?! 3 bil. It's the highest valued online education company in the world with 65,000 teachers strong!

I know, it’s crazy. Once you hear about the opportunity, it’ll make sense. It seems too good to be true, but it isn’t.

This article sums it up- Business Insider Article

You will teach students 1 on 1 through their video platform. The lessons are each 25 minutes and lesson plans are provided.

It is VERY flexible. Once through the interview process and contracted, you have the option to open up your teaching slots whenever. There are NO minimum teaching hours. You can work 0,1, part-time, or full-time hours. You can work for 2 months then take a break for 2 then start back up again. You are your own boss.


Paid hourly $15-$22

Pay is based on your teaching experience (includes coaching, babysitting, camp counseling, working with kids, etc.) and your interview demo (See below).

There are bonuses programs, so you can make more money per hour.

Yes, it’s that time! How do I get started?? Here is how:


1) American/Canadian Citizen (California residents are inelgible due to state legality)

2) Bachelors Degree Holder

3) VIPKID Certificate- you'll receive through your sign-up process

Hiring Process:

When you apply, there will be 5 steps (just like there would be for a normal job interview). From start to finish, the average time to complete the process is 7 days. 65,000 teachers have gone through this process, so you can too!

1. Basic Info

2. Demo

3. Mock Certification

4. Certificate Training (If needed)

5. Contract Stage

6. Teach 1st class

The Breakdown:

The basic info is a questionnaire to make sure you meet the requirements. It takes a few minutes to complete.

** Make sure you click at least 2 years of minimum teaching experience (Tutoring, babysitting, camp counseling, working with kids count!) This is important, or you won’t move on.


Get Started With This Link:

Send me a quick email so I can follow-up with you to help you get through the process and answer any questions you may have:

I know how it’s done and I’ve been in your shoes before. I’ll provide materials and my undivided attention


Breakdown Continued...

Once completed, you'll receive an email within 24 hours sharing the results of whether you moved onto the next round or not. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

For the Demo Stage, you can choose 1 of 3 options:

1) Recorded Demo (10 minutes)

*** I suggest you do this one! READ THIS ARTICLE FOR THE BREAKDOWN

2. Live Demo (30 minutes) Format:

Friendly Q&A (5 min)

Teach a Demo (5 min)

Feedback & Coaching (10-15 mins)

Next Steps & Salary Negotiation (5 min)

3) Smart Express Demo (5-7 questions and 2:30 min demo)

This stage has a central focus- seeing if you can be the VIPKID teacher type. They are looking for energetic, encouraging, and fun teachers; and most importantly, teachers who have a neutral American accent.

It is essential you to prepare for this! They want to see that you prepared for it (an indicator to know if you are responsible.) I recommend you go on Youtube and watch videos regarding the demo you have chose for additional practice.

In an email you’ll receive from VIPKID (please check spam folder again), they tell you exactly what’s it going to be, with the lesson plan, resources, and even an identical video that shows exactly what it will be.

Please email me at I have FREE background printouts and a breakdown of what you need and how you should prepare.

PS: You only have 1 chance to pass this so make sure to prepare. This is the main component of the interview. Once you complete this, you are essentially hired.

Once approved, you move onto the certification stage and mock classes:

You will now have access to the certification center- which provide resources (content + video) to prepare for your 10 minute Mock Demo with a veteran teacher who will role-play a class with you.

You can choose between the Lower Level (levels 2 & 3), for 6-8 years old OR Upper Level (level 4 & 5), for 9-12 years old.

For the 30 minute Mock Certification Demo, there are 3 parts:

1. Friendly Q & A (5 min)

2. Teach a Demo based on your chosen level (10 min). For example. If you chose the Lower Level (2 & 3), you will prepare to teach a demo for each but only required to teach ONE of them, chosen by the veteran teacher

3. Feedback & Coaching (10-15 min)

*** This is practice. This is not a test. You have essentially already been hired via Step 2.

Once completed, you proceed to the next stage: getting your VIPKID Teaching Certificate. It's free. You can bypass this stage if you have a teaching certificate or a TESOL/TEFL.

It takes around 10 hours to complete. There are 8 modules with reading and videos. There are 2 quizzes, one for modules 1-4 and the other for modules 5-8. There are 10 multiple choice questions. It’s super easy!

Once passed, you are on the best part, the contract stage!

During the Contract Stage, you will upload documents (degree and teaching certificate), pictures, and a short video.

Once reviewed and approved, you will sign the contract!

Now you have access to your portal where you can open time slots to teach your first class!

Use my referral link and email me at and I’ll be your personal coach for free. I know how it’s done and I’ve been in your shoes before.

I’ll provide materials and my undivided attention.

The industry is rapidly expanding, it's crazy. Good money, rewarding, and working from home. You don’t want to miss out.


Adam :)


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