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Thailand Recommendations- Your Guide to Everything Thailand- do, see, and stay (Teacher Edition)

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

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* Must See



No doubt Bangkok is a huge metropolitan. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed; the BTS subway system makes navigating the city easy. With some effort and time, you’ll have the framework of the city in your mind forever.

Here are your transportation options:

  • BTS subway station

  • Grab Taxi (Download App)

  • Normal Yellow Taxi

  • Motorbike taxis

Shopping Malls

Bangkok is known for its massive malls. It’s the shopping capital of Southeast Asia:

  • MBK- electronics mall

  • Siam Paragon

  • Central World

Siam Square (Center of Bangkok)

  • Many many malls

  • Bangkok Art and Culture Center

  • Bangkok Aquarium

Chatachuk Market*

The Chatachuk JJ Green Market is the largest outdoor market in SouthEast Asia. It has literally everything you can imagine. From designer clothes to pets, there is nothing you can’t buy here. It is north of the center of Bangkok and at the last BTS spot. It is only on the weekends and 3 hours is a recommended stay time. It’s hot, so be prepared.

As a teacher, I went here to get decorations for my room. I also made sure I went here before I left for home to buy gifts for all my friends and family.


The museums in Bangkok are under-rated. Check these ones out:


The temples in Bangkok are a main attraction. All of the 3 temples below are walking distance from each other and you can see all 3 in 3 hours. Remember, a dress code is enforced. Both men and woman must cover their knees and shoulders.


  • Grand Palace

  • Wat Pho

  • Wat Arun

There are other hidden temples in Bangkok that are just as stunning. Make a Thai friend and have him take you around, you won’t regret it.


There are hundreds of hostels in Bangkok. However, after spending the nights at many, the teachers and I have decided this is our Bangkok home:

Bangkok Nightlife

Koh San Road*

This is your party street. It is the main backpacker nightlife destination. It has everything from street food, bars, clubs, and late night dancing in the streets.

Bangkok Bars:

  • Tep bar in Chinatown

  • Studio Lam

Bangkok Rooftop Bars (Dress code enforced)

  • Above Seven*

  • So Pool Party at So Sofitel. This is a once a month pool party on the 10th floor of a hotel. Many foreign teachers meet here and it’s a great way to meet others and enjoy a day in the sun. *

  • Sky Bar at Lebua: where the hangover was filmed. Expensive, though beautiful view. Stop for 1 drink

Bangkok Clubs (Dress code enforced)

Concert Halls:

Music is just as big in Bangkok as it is in any other international city. There are many music venues and many top artists stop in Bangkok on their Asian tours. I saw Alt J at an intimiate show and Chainsmokers as a large concert hall with a crazy light show.


  • Moonstar Studio 8

  • Impact Challenger Hall


Bangkok has all types of food. Obviously famous for it’s street food, which you can find on every corner, Bangkok has Australian, British, American, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, and many more resturaunts to choose from.

Here are recommended food stops:

  • Phra Athis Road (near Khao San Road)

  • Charley Brown- Mexican restaurant and an amazing birthday dinner spot *

  • Pad Thai at ThipSamai- the line is huge so get there right when it opens*

  • May vegetarian for vege lovers


This city covered in ancient ruins is 1 hour North of Bangkok. Spend a day to see all the ancient ruins.

Bars and Nightlife:

  • Soi Farang night street


Chiang Mai:

The northern capital of Thailand and only a 2 hour flight and 10 hour overnight bus ride away from Bangkok, and is a fan favorite.


The temples in Chiang Mai are spectacular. They are ancient and you feel back in time when there. Rent a Tuk Tuk and plan a full day and see as many temples as you can (6 is the right number):

Must See temples:

  • Wat Phra Doi Suthep (go for sunrise)

  • Chedi Luang

  • Wat Umong (Indiana Jones Jungle Temple)


Chiang Mai is like a valley. Around it, within driving distance, are beautiful hills, mountains, waterfalls, and green valleys.

Here are what you can do in and around the city:

  • Bua Thong Sticky Waterfalls

  • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary*

  • Cooking Class*

  • For a relaxing afternoon, go out to Huay Tung Tao--a reservoir/lake, where you can sit in a little bungalow and eat/drink/swim for hours. About 20 minutes out of town

  • Get a massage in front of Wat Umong (behind Chiang Mai University). Best massage for $3/hour


  • MAIIAM - new contemporary art gallery about 30 minutes from town

Chiang Mai Nightlife

Chiang Mai nightlife is a bit more centralized than Bangkok. Here are recomendations:


There are many hostels to choose from. Here is the best location to stay:

  • Near Tha Pae Gate or Chiang Mai Gate.


Khao Soi is the famous Chiang Mai dish. It is a curry like soup made with wide rice noodles, chopped pork, tomatoes, soy beans, chillies, and more.

Here are some other places to eat:

  • Ploen Ruedee Night Market

  • Green Days--great Japanese food off Loi Krow Road, Soi 3.

  • Pun Pun- back of a temple called War Suandok on Suthep Road