Fight the Flight: 9 tips on how to overcome a long flight

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Many teachers find themselves so excited for their journeys ahead. However, one thing stands in their way- having to GET there. If you’re like me and dread the idea of excruciatingly long flights, here are a few tips to survive.

1. Stock up the Kindle

I’d like to start by saying I can’t stand e-readers; to me, there’s nothing like the feel of worn in pages, the smell of an old book or the crisp sound of pages turning. That said, the number of books you’ll probably want to bring will definitely weigh you down so I’d recommend some sort of e-reader that you fill up before you get on the plane.

2. Snacks on Snacks on Snacks

Hit up CVS the day before your flight. Have you seen the prices on the smallest bag of Sour Skittles at Duty Free? Make sure you have all the food you’ll want before the trip, because there’s no worse feeling than watching a flight attendant swipe your credit card for a $300 cheese plate that wouldn’t fill up a mouse.