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A Parents Cheat Sheet: What to tell your parents to convince them about teaching abroad in Thailand

Updated: Aug 14, 2019



The foundation of Thai culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism and generosity––whether they’re gift-giving or helping others out. Not only are passerby’s kind and approachable, they genuinely wanted to practice their English with foreigners. The culture is centered around family values, strengths, and relationships. You will quickly recognize how harmonious the community and feel at ease in a place that once seemed so far from home. Remember, Thailand’s household nickname is ‘The Land of Smiles,’

Because of the welcoming culture, there is a large expat and foreign teaching community. You won’t feel alone.


Thailand has never been in a war throughout it’s history, a reflection of its deeply rooted values of respect and harmony.


Hepatitis A and B shots vaccines mandatory. Some people get a Rabbies vaccine, though not mandatory. There are private hospitals driving distance from all of our schools. They have experience doctors trained in Western countries. There are many options for international health insurance. Your agency can provide these options for you.

Your Agency

Assistance before you arrive:

J2 Teach Abroad works with trusted hand-picked employment agencies, guaranteeing you a job placement at a Thai school. Everything is handled before you go, making this entire process seamless and stress free. That means you will already be in contact with your employer who coordinates the visa process, housing, airport pickup, and other arrangements to support your life in Thailand––all before your first day in Thailand.

Assistance when you arrive and while living, teaching, and traveling:

Our agencies provide 24/7 support. They will set-up your Thai bank account, assist you in obtaining a work visa, answer your health insurance questions, and more. You will feel like you have parents while you living, teaching, and traveling.

Career Building Opportunity

There are many advantages to teaching english abroad, even if you pursue a totally different career after returning. It’s actually very common for those who enroll in TEFL programs. And with the cost of living in Thailand so low, teaching english throughout this incredible 4-5 month experience will give you the freedom to save money as well as comfortably explore all that Asia has to offer.

5 Ways Teaching Abroad Will Benefit Your Professional Career

1. You will gain first-hand experience working with people from different cultures

2. Being immersed in your new surroundings will make you resilient

3. Your experiences are an immediate icebreaker during job interviews and will help you stand out from the typical applicant

4. International work experience and philanthropy on your resume will give you an advantage.

5. Employees value this “real world experience,” and your unique story will demonstrate cultural awareness, leadership and critical thinking skills.


If you are have doubts about teaching abroad, read about Megan's fears and how she overcame them.



About Journey to Teach Abroad:

Become a global citizen and discover life TEACHING ABROAD. Get paid to travel to stunning places, bond with an international community that you'll forever belong to, feel rewarded daily for teaching students who want to learn, and gain the confidence to discover new things. Journey to Teach Abroad is a teacher training TEFL certification course here in Los Angeles that GUARANTEES a teaching job abroad.

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