A Packing List - A Guide on What to Bring on your Teach & Travel Abroad Experience in Thailand

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Important Items

  • Printed Copies of your documents (Passport, License, Visa, degree, transcripts, extra passport photos, resume, and criminal background check.

  • Tell your debit and credit card bank you’ll be in Thailand and get approved for purchasing goods there

  • Cash to exchange on arrival- $600ish

  • Daily medication (call your insurance companies to get travel approval and get medication in advance)

  • Unlock your phone before you go by calling your phone provider. This is needed to insert a Thai SIM card when you arrive.

Teaching Attire: Ask your agency! Every school is different

**SpeakEZ agency (Contact J2)

Typical Women working Clothes.

  • 2-3 longer skirts that cover the knee

  • 2-3 blouses that cover the shoulders and chest

  • 1-2 dresses that cover the knees, shoulders, and chest

  • Closed toe shoes