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7 Ways to Work Out When Teaching & Traveling Abroad

If you have a workout routine established at home, chances are you’ll want to workout when you live abroad and travel. But figuring out how to maintain a routine on abroad can be difficult. Whether for business or pleasure, a week or 4 months, here are 7 ways to help you get your sweat on, no matter your destination.

1) Walk, bike or run everywhere

Touring a city? One of the best ways to truly experience the city is on foot or bike.

If your hostel, hotel, or airbnb is a bit outside of the city, catch a cab or local transit to the edge of the city and walk everywhere from there. You’ll get your step count in for the day, burn calories, save money, and be much more likely to find the best dive bar or hole in the wall restaurant if you’re walking past it rather than driving.

Biking popularity is on the rise, and a lot of cities have bike shares that are super easy to use. Just walk up to a station, create an account, and rent a bike right there. They’ve got stations all over the city, making it easy for you to get off at that dive bar you just found and get back on later.

Staying at a hostel or hotel? See if they offer bike rentals.

Running can be a really great workout when you don’t have access to a gym. I like to start at my hotel and run to a coffee shop or breakfast spot a mile or two away in the morning, then walk or rent a bike back.

Having a destination in mind helps keep you motivated, and the sights along the way are an added bonus (much more interesting than a treadmill!).

2) Pick accommodation with a gym

If you’re staying in a hotel, look for a hotel that has a gym. Hotel gyms can range from a few treadmills to a complete weightroom with dumbbells and squat racks. If you have a particular routine you like to do at home, call the hotel ahead of time to see if their gym has the equipment you need.

3) Check out local Facebook events

A lot of cities have pop-up workout events that are posted on Facebook. Search Facebook for events in the area.

From yoga to circuit training to dance class , you can probably find several classes offered in the style you’re interested in for cheap or even free.

4) Download Workout Apps

Apps like Sworkit or Daily Workout Fitness Trainer offer simple body weight exercises you can do anywhere. While some of these apps require a subscription, most of them offer a free trial, and the subscription fee for a month is the same price as paying for a single yoga class.

Don’t want to lose out on precious sight-seeing time? Try taking your workout to a local park or beach to really feel like you’re in the local scene.

5) Consider a day pass to a local gym

A lot of gyms will allow you to buy a day pass or week pass. Prices for these can usually range from $5-$20 a day depending on location. If working out regularly is important to you, the cost is well worth it. A good way to get your money’s worth is to find a gym that offers free group classes with the day pass.

The YMCA is a good option for a cheap local day pass to a gym. They have locations internationally, with day passes costing around $8 a day. Already a member at your local YMCA? A nationwide membership will allow you to visit any other locations for free.

If you prefer doing a different style workout every day, ClassPass may be perfect for you. You pay one monthly fee and you get credits for taking a certain number of classes at participating locations. See if they’re offered in your area before you go.

6) Make Your Workout an Excursion

One of my favorite ways to experience a city is to try a unique workout class in the city.

How does sunrise yoga on the beach sound? Or a circuit training class in Central Park? If it’s a destination that’s known for a certain type of workout, such as Muay Thai in Thailand, I seek out an instructor that specializes in that. Go on sites like TravelAdvisor to find local active excursions and read reviews.

Trying a local workout is a great way to experience the city, meet people, and try something new.

If you treat your workout as a local event or a sight-seeing destination, you won’t feel guilty about having to choose between staying in shape or seeing something special in the city.

7) Long Term Stay- Join a Gym

Traveling to one location for a month or longer? Look into getting a membership at a gym rather than paying for day passes.

A lot of gyms offer a month rate that is much cheaper than the day passes would be.

Research the gyms before you go to find one with amenities or classes that are important to you. This will help you settle into your new surroundings and establish a routine, much like at home.

Find What Works for You

Wherever you’re traveling, there’s no excuse for not working out while you’re there! From running the streets of New York to taking a yoga class in Bali, working out can enhance your travel experience. Use these 7 ideas as a catalyst for planning your next exercise-filled trip!

How do you work out when you travel? Let us know in the comments :)


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About our J2 Writer: Brittany Paul

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