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The whole experience is transformative!

Venice, Ca

Lauren S.

Dream turned into reality- I grew up wanting to be a teacher and wanting to see the world. I never expected to find this company and be able to teach in Thailand. The help getting placed and the process of moving was a breeze with all the help given.

Tyler A.

There comes a time when you realize that you have to go outside of your comfort zone because that is when you will grow the most as a person.  I can say without a doubt it was the most changing experience so far in my life."

Heather C.

Journey to Teach Abroad completely set this whole experience up for me! It was so easy, I spoke to Adam and he was very helpful and easy to talk to. I was put in touch with a Thai Lady who I would be working for. She is also lovely!

Madelyn T.

Teaching abroad has provided me with so many unforgettable and rewarding opportunities. Never having thought about teaching abroad, J2 played such an important role in the whole process. The school I was placed at could not have been better.


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