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1. What are the qualifications to teach abroad?


It's simple. All you need is a bachelor's degree & a passport from a native english speaking country. Don't worry if you have no teaching or traveling experience. It's not required!


2. I didn't study English nor do I have plans to become a teacher. Am I still elgible?

Yes. You don't need an English degree or the desire to become a professional teacher to teach abroad. At J2, we see teaching abroad as a short-term experience, rather than a career. Everyone is on their own path & a teaching abroad experience fits into it in the way you want it to :) 

3. I went to college for 4 years and I want to get a job right after I graduate. Why should I teach abroad?


Now's the perfect time! This is a short term “real world experience” that employers value deeply. And your unique story will demonstrate cultural awareness, communication, leadership, and critical thinking.


4. Why should I take the course in Los Angeles and not abroad?


There is an added stress in taking the course abroad- visa preparation, packing, communication problems, etc. J2 knows how to prepare students for day 1 in the country. 


5. There are many online courses. Why is J2 better?


Teaching English to foreign students is all about personal connection. J2 teaches you how to teach like a pro by simulating a real life teaching environment. 

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